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Dioscorea alata and Dioscorea hamiltonii germination pretreatment

In this short article I would like to share with you a procedure for germination of Dioscorea alata and Dioscorea hamiltonii seeds that was very successful for me. Dioscoreas are generally considered not very easy and never quick to germinate. That's why I hope this information will be helpful.

Dioscorea alata and hamiltonii germinated for me at nearly 100% and almost simultaneously within four and two weeks respectively after the following treatment:
First I soaked them in distilled water for 3-4 days and changed the water daily. Second I soaked them for 1-2 more days in 5 g/l KNO3 and one drop Superthrive per 100 ml. water. Then I sowed them in sand/perlite mix and placed them on the bottom heat in the propagator set at 25℃ but for several days I took them out of the propagator at night and placed them outside where the temps got as low as 2℃, they even experienced a very light, brief frost one night. I kept them well watered. My propagator is outfitted with very strong lights that were on for about 10-11 hours per day.

Author of the text and photos: Petar Kostov,, 20180410.

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