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Hello, my name is Petar Kostov.
Plants are my passion since many years. They fascinate me not only with their beauty, but with the way they work, the unique adaptations they have. I have special interest in ornamental and medicinal plants.
Running a nursery gives me the opportunity to share my passion and to enable you to have some interesting and not so common plans.
Along with the seeds or plants you will receive growing instructions based on my personal understanding and experience.
You can always contact me here: via email, web form or Facebook.
I am sure you will enjoy some photos of my plants here.

Business conditions

The minimum order value is 10 EUR.
Payment can be done via PayPal either in EUR or in USD. Prices are the same in both currencies. Please don't use PayPal currency conversion for these two currencies (sent and received amount should be in the same currency). Payment can also be done via TransferWise.
To make a purchase send me a message via the contacts listed above containing a list with species names or just reference numbers and quantities that you require.
Shipping is via priority post with tracking. I ship from Bulgaria, European Union. I am good at packaging.
No phytosanitary certificates or other documents are provided, except CN22 customs labels for boxes and bigger envelopes, but I can use documents supplied by you such as import permits, etc.
It is your responsibility to know the import regulations of your country!

Below you will find the lists of seeds and plants I have available for sale at the moment.
You can view the list: in plain alphabetical order or grouped by family (default) or the carnivorous species only.

Seeds (11 rows)

The seeds that I offer come either from my own plants or from trusted sources. I do germination tests and strive to offer only seeds with superior germination capacity. Additional info like parentage, harvest date, provenance, germination test results and storage conditions can be requested via email at any time. Germination and growing instructions are provided via email after the purchase.
Shipping: worldwide via priority postal service with tracking. For packages up to 50 g. (incl. envelope) shipping costs 3.50 EUR within Europe, 4.50 USD if you pay in USD and your delivery address is outside the EU. Prices for heavier packages available on request. All items will be combined in a single package whenever possible.
Excluded destinations: Brazil and Israel
Byblis guehoi, + 90 mg. Gibberellic acid, origin: my own plants, 2015 (REF: 592) photos
15 seeds / 10.00 EUR
Byblis guehoi, + 90 mg. Gibberellic acid, origin: my own plants, 2016 (REF: 1261) photos
10 seeds / 10.00 EUR
Drosera capensis v. alba, 2016, origin: my own plants (REF: 637) photos
approx. 100 seeds / 2.50 EUR
Drosera capensis v. typical, 2016, origin: my own plants (REF: 636) photos
approx. 100 seeds / 2.50 EUR
Drosera regia, 2015, origin: my own plants (REF: 640) photos
15 seeds / 5.00 EUR
Drosera regia, 2017, origin: my own plants (REF: 1480) photos
10 seeds / 7.00 EUR
Drosera regia, 2016, origin: my own plants (REF: 1260) photos
15 seeds / 7.00 EUR
Drosophyllum lusitanicum, origin: my own plants, 2013 (REF: 643) photos
20 seeds / 3.00 EUR
Drosophyllum lusitanicum, origin: my own plants, 2014 (REF: 644) photos
20 seeds / 4.00 EUR
Drosophyllum lusitanicum, origin: my own plants, 2015 (REF: 645) photos
20 seeds / 5.00 EUR
Drosophyllum lusitanicum, origin: my own plants, 2017 (REF: 1191) photos
10 seeds / 5.00 EUR

Plants, bulbs, tubers, rhizomes, etc. (0 rows)

Shipping: to EU countries only, priority post with tracking: 7.00 EUR 351 g. to 500 g., incl. packaging material, 12.00 EUR up to 1 kg, 16.00 EUR up to 2 kg.