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Hello, my name is Petar Kostov.
I love plants - strange, unusual, plants with a story, plants that inspire and kindle the imagination. They fascinate me not only with their beauty, but with the way they work, the unique adaptations they have. I have special interest in ornamental and medicinal plants.
Running a nursery the way I do it gives me the opportunity to live in a way that I sincerely believe is good not only for me but for the environment and the society. It is a kind of business that aims to generate more net profit for the environment than the costs it bears on it and the profit it generates is a means to this goal. In the process I strive to inspire my customers to think more about nature by enabling them to grow some interesting and not so common plans.
Along with the seeds or plants you will receive growing instructions based on my personal understanding and experience.
You can always contact me on Facebook: Petar Kostov or Instagram: Petar Kostov, via the web form or on my email .
I am sure you will enjoy some photos of my plants here.

Business conditions for international orders

*** Notice 20200323:
the following is an excerpt from the news section of the Bulgarian Post site:
Bulgarian Posts EAD informs its customers that, as of March 19, 2020, it is suspending the acceptance of outbound international registered letter, parcel and EMS shipments for all countries.
The measure is imposed due to cancelled flights by airlines, closure of land borders with neighbouring countries, as well as long delays in transport and delivery of shipments in a large number of countries in connection with measures taken to curb worldwide Coronavirus distribution. These circumstances make it impossible to meet the service parameters and quality standards.
Bulgarian Posts EAD dynamically monitors the situation and looks for opportunities to resume suspended international services.
*** Update 20200517:
As of 14 May 2020 the registered mail service is restored for some countries. Please consult the list here:

In this regard I may not be able to ship some orders until the situation changes so please inquire in advane!
Thanks for your understanding and patience. Please Contact me for more info before placing an order.

Minimum order value:
The minimum order value is 10 EUR.

Payment can be done via PayPal either in EUR or in USD. The currency conversion is done using the daily rates as published by the European Central Bank.

I ship most of my products worldwide.
Standard shipping is via priority air mail postal service with tracking. I ship from Bulgaria, European Union. Whenever possible orders are combined in a single package.
Problematic destinations: Currently shipping to Canada is a matter of special arrangements so if you want me to ship there please contact me before placing the order.

Shipping price:
For packages with seeds up to 50 g. (incl. envelope) shipping costs 4.8 EUR with tracking and 2.3 EUR without tracking. If the package turns out to be heavier an additional payment may be requested to cover the increased shipping costs.

Order processing time:
The standard time for processing your order is 5 working days after cleared payment, but I strive to ship as soon as possible, which often means the same day for payments received before midday local time (Europe/Sofia). I do not reserve orders for shipping at a later time.

Product guarantee:
The species, origin, date of harvest and storage conditions of the seeds are guaranteed. Detailed info available via email on request.
No other guarantee is given.
All seeds are packed in new clean packaging - transparent ziplock bags (plus a folded paper envelope for some species), separated by species, hand cleaned to the highest reasonably possible degree, free from dirt, insects and other external impurities. On the ziplock bag will be a printed sticker label stating the botanical name (Genus, species, variety, etc.). Additional info like date of harvest and/or origin may also appear on the label.

Seeds and plants are perishable goods so no returns are accepted.

Export / import / customs issues and lost packages:
I assume responsibility for the export from my country and for tracked packages lost during transit. Untracked packages are sent entirely on buyers risk.
Each country has its own specific requirements for the importation of plant material. It is your responsibility to know the import regulations of your country. So please be aware of your custom regulations and inform me in advance about the way I should label the package on the CN22 customs declaration and if additional papers are needed in order to comply with the requirements of your country. You as a buyer must check with your customs, agriculture and postal department requirements for importation, and assume full responsibility for shipment in this regard. I will not be responsible for any custom and / or import duty issues, confiscation or destruction of packages by the customs and packages that disappear at the entry point of your country - no refund, no return, no replacement given.
I can provide both phytosanitary certificates and plant passports. Both of these documents are issued by the phytosanitary inspectors from the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, so the prices and procedure complications are not justified for small orders. The fees start from 13 EUR and 7 EUR respectively. That's why these documents are provided only on request. If you require them you must contact me in advance to arrange it, otherwise the package will be sent without them.
I can use documents supplied by you such as import permits and similar. Contact me in advance to arrange it.

Shopping cart:
The shopping cart is not permanent, it will expire with the session. The shipping address you select in paypal takes precedence over the one you enter here if there is a difference. A valid email address is required for communication regarding your order, it will not be used for anything else and will not be shared.

Availability list

Below you will find a list of seeds I have available for sale at the moment.
You can view:

You can use the text search function of your browser (the default shortcut is Control+F or Command+F on desktop, "find in page/on this page" on mobile) to search for a particular species on this page by Latin name or any other string.

Seeds (242 rows)

The seeds that I offer come either from my own plants or from trusted sources. I do germination tests and strive to offer only seeds with superior germination capacity. Additional info like parentage, harvest date, provenance, germination test results and storage conditions can be requested via email at any time. Germination and growing instructions are provided via email after the purchase.

Abroma augustum (REF: 1349)
Acacia dealbata (REF: 1586)
Acacia senegal, origin: Jaipur, India (REF: 1407)
Acrocarpus fraxinifolius (REF: 1084)
Adansonia digitata (REF: 1388)
Aegle marmelos (REF: 1002)
Allium tuberosum, origin: my own plants (REF: 595)
Amaranthus caudatus 'love-lies-bleeding', origin: my own plants (REF: 596)
Andrographis paniculata (REF: 1350)
Annona reticulata (REF: 1385)
Aquilegia vulgaris, mix, origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 597)
Argemone mexicana (REF: 1708)
Arisaema consanguineum, origin: Maogate, Senapati, Manipur, India (REF: 1397)
Arthrostemma ciliatum, origin: my own plant, 2018 (REF: 1749)
Asparagus racemosus, origin: Dehradun, India (REF: 1409)
Averrhoa carambola (REF: 1367)
Basella alba, var. rubra (red stems) (REF: 1633)
Bauhinia acuminata (REF: 599)
Bauhinia purpurea (REF: 600)
Bauhinia racemosa (REF: 1316)
Benincasa fistulosa (REF: 1783)
Benincasa hispida (REF: 602)
Biophytum sp., origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 1916)
Brugmansia suaveolens, orange flowers, origin: Kalimpong, West Bengal, India, 2019 (REF: 1618)
Brugmansia suaveolens, pink flowers, origin: Kalimpong, West Bengal, India, 2019 (REF: 1811)
Calamagrostis brachytricha, origin: my own plants (REF: 605)
Calendula officinalis, origin: my own plants (REF: 606)
Callistemon citrinus, origin: my own plants (REF: 608)
Calotropis gigantea, white flowers (REF: 1931)
Calotropis gigantea, lavender flowers (REF: 1824)
Carex albula 'Frosted Curls', origin: my own plants (REF: 609)
Carex buchananii 'Firefox', origin: my own plants (REF: 610)
Cassia grandis (REF: 1565)
Cassia roxburghii (REF: 1571)
Centella asiatica, origin: my own plants, 2018 (REF: 614)
Cestrum aff. parqui, origin: my own plants (REF: 1584)
Cheilocostus speciosus (REF: 1588)
Cichorium intybus, origin: my own plants (REF: 615)
Clematis orientalis, origin: my own plants (REF: 792)
Clitoria ternatea, mix blue and white, origin: India, 2019 (REF: 617)
Codariocalyx motorius, origin: Kerala, India (REF: 1082)
Coreopsis sp., origin: my own plants (REF: 620)
Cortaderia selloana 'Rosea' (REF: 621)
Corymbia citriodora prov. Assam, India (REF: 623)
Crassula coccinea (REF: 624)
Crossandra infundibuliformis, origin: Razole, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, India (REF: 1403)
Crotalaria spectabilis (REF: 625)
Cupressus cashmeriana, origin: India, 2017 (REF: 626)
Cymbopogon martinii (REF: 1844)
Datura metel, purple (REF: 1822)
Delonix regia, origin: Beed, Maharashtra, India (REF: 630)
Desmodium gangeticum (REF: 1905)
Dianthus barbatus, mix, origin: my own plants (REF: 633)
Digitalis lanata, origin: my own plants (REF: 1008)
Dionaea muscipula, origin: my own plants, 201808 (REF: 1692)
Dioscorea alata, origin: Tripura, India (REF: 1319)
Dioscorea hamiltonii (REF: 1441)
Dioscorea sylvatica (REF: 1920)
Docynia indica (REF: 1787)
Drosera aliciae, 2019, origin: my own plants (REF: 635)
Drosera capensis v. alba, 2017, origin: my own plants (REF: 637)
Drosera capensis v. typical, 2018, origin: my own plants (REF: 636)
Drosera capensis v. typical, 2019, origin: my own plants (REF: 1849)
Drosera filiformis, origin: my own plants, 2018 (REF: 1861)
Drosera filiformis, v. filiformis 'Florida Red', origin: my own plants, 2018 (REF: 1862)
Drosera regia, 2015, origin: my own plants (REF: 640)
Drosera regia, 2016, origin: my own plants (REF: 1260)
Drosera regia, 2017, origin: my own plants (REF: 1480)
Drosera regia, 2018, origin: my own plants (REF: 1685)
Drosera regia, 2019, origin: my own plants (REF: 1850)
Drosera rotundifolia, 2018, origin: my own plants (REF: 641)
Drosera rotundifolia, 2019, origin: my own plants (REF: 1906)
Drosophyllum lusitanicum, origin: my own plants, 2020 (REF: 1956)
Drosophyllum lusitanicum, origin: my own plants, 2015 (REF: 645)
Drosophyllum lusitanicum, origin: my own plants, 2018 (REF: 1191)
Eccremocarpus scaber, orange flowering, origin: my own plants, 2017 (REF: 646)
Echinacea purpurea 'Cheyenne Spirit', origin: my own plants (REF: 647)
Eclipta prostrata, origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 1647)
Elaeocarpus floribundus (REF: 1897)
Ensete superbum (REF: 1205)
Eriophorum latifolium, origin: my own plants (REF: 1215)
Eruca sativa, origin: my own plants (REF: 648)
Erythrina subumbrans (REF: 1373)
Faucaria subintegra, origin: my own plants (REF: 649)
Faucaria tuberculosa, origin: my own plants (REF: 651)
Ficus altissima, origin: Laluk, Assam, India (REF: 1620)
Ficus auriculata, origin: Kumarghat, Tripura, India (REF: 1621)
Ficus benghalensis, origin: Assam, India (REF: 1622)
Ficus hispida, origin: Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India (REF: 1623)
Ficus racemosa, origin: Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India (REF: 1624)
Ficus religiosa, origin: Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India (REF: 1625)
Ficus rumphii, origin: Laluk, Assam, India (REF: 1626)
Ficus semicordata, origin: Kumarghat, Tripura, India (REF: 1627)
Ficus virens, origin: Laluk, Assam, India (REF: 1628)
Flacourtia jangomas (REF: 1577)
Flemingia strobilifera (REF: 1324)
Gladiolus cardinalis, origin: my own plants, 201908 (REF: 1871)
Gloriosa superba, origin: my own plants, 202002 (REF: 655)
Gossypium arboreum (REF: 1579)
Grevillea robusta, origin: India, 2017 (REF: 656)
Haldina cordifolia (REF: 1789)
Handroanthus impetiginosus (REF: 657)
Haplophragma adenophyllum (REF: 1323)
Hedera helix, 50 fruits, each contains 3-4 seeds, origin: collected by myself 201803 (REF: 1599)
Hedychium ellipticum (REF: 1901)
Helicteres isora (REF: 1207)
Hibiscus cannabinus (REF: 1314)
Hibiscus mutabilis (REF: 1089)
Hibiscus sabdariffa, origin: Razole, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, India (REF: 1405)
Hibiscus tiliaceus (REF: 1313)
Hieracium aurantiacum, origin: my own plants (REF: 1327)
Hovenia dulcis (REF: 1351)
Huernia decumbens, origin: my own plants, 201904 (REF: 1328)
Huernia macrocarpa v. penzigii, origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 1874)
Huernia pendula, origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 1329)
Hypericum perforatum, origin: my own plants (REF: 660)
Indigofera tinctoria, origin: India, 2017 (REF: 1352)
Iochroma australe, origin: my own plant, self pollinated, 2019 (REF: 1876)
Iochroma coccinea, origin: my own plant, self pollinated, 2019 (REF: 1834)
Ipomoea aquatica (REF: 1634)
Ipomoea quamoclit (REF: 1011)
Jacaranda mimosifolia (REF: 663)
Jacobinia suberecta, origin: my own plants (REF: 1330)
Jovellana punctata, origin: my own plants (REF: 664)
Juanulloa aurantiaca, origin: my own plant, 2019 (REF: 1837)
Juncus articulatus, origin: my own plants (REF: 1208)
Juncus compressus, origin: my own plants (REF: 1012)
Juncus conglomeratus, origin: my own plants (REF: 1013)
Juncus effusus, origin: my own plants (REF: 665)
Juncus effusus f. spiralis, origin: my own plants (REF: 666)
Juncus effusus v. compactus, origin: my own plants (REF: 1014)
Juncus filiformis 'Spiralis', origin: my own plants (REF: 667)
Juncus inflexus, origin: my own plants (REF: 668)
Laburnum anagyroides, origin: my own plants (REF: 671)
Laburnum anagyroides, origin: my own plants (REF: 1334)
Lagurus ovatus, origin: my own plants (REF: 673)
Lawsonia inermis, origin: India, 2017 (REF: 1015)
Lewisia cotyledon, mix, origin: my own plants, 2018 (REF: 1734)
Lewisia cotyledon, mix, origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 1832)
Lewisia cotyledon, 'Pink-Orange', origin: my own plants, 2016 (REF: 675)
Limonia acidissima (REF: 676)
Lupinus regalis 'Morello Cherry', origin: my own plants (REF: 679)
Lychnis flos-cuculi, origin: my own plants (REF: 680)
Maerua oblongifolia, origin: Razole, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, India (REF: 1399)
Medinilla myriantha, origin: my own plants (REF: 1071)
Melastoma malabathricum v. alba, origin: my own plant (REF: 1859)
Mimosa diplotricha (REF: 1312)
Mimosa polycarpa v. spegazzinii, origin: my own plants, 2018 (REF: 1597)
Molineria capitulata (REF: 1590)
Momordica charantia, origin: India (REF: 1715)
Moringa oleifera, ODC, origin: wild form, Oddanchatram, Tamilnadu, India (REF: 1818)
Moringa oleifera, Momax 3, origin: India, cultivated (REF: 1817)
Murdannia loriformis, origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 1919)
Musa balbisiana, origin: Kumarghat, Tripura, India (REF: 1377)
Musa cheesmanii, origin: Arunachal Pradesh, April 2017, identified at Cochin University, Kerala, India (REF: 1443)
Mussaenda roxburghii, origin: India (REF: 1763)
Neolamarckia cadamba (REF: 681)
Nepenthes maxima, origin: my own plants, 20200531 (REF: 1936)
Nerium oleander, pink, origin: my own plant, 2020 (REF: 1800)
Nyctanthes arbor-tristis, clean seeds, origin: Razole, East Godavari, Andhra Pradesh (REF: 1081)
Ocimum tenuiflorum, origin: India, 2017 (REF: 1573)
Opuntia cymochila, 2016, origin: my own plants (REF: 1019)
Osbeckia stellata, origin: Senapati, Manipur, India (REF: 1375)
Pachyrhizus erosus (REF: 1321)
Pandanus furcatus, origin: Kalimpong, West Bengal, India (REF: 1629)
Papaver orientale, with serrated flowers, dark red, origin: my own plants (REF: 691)
Papaver rhoeas, origin: my own plants (REF: 692)
Papaver rhoeas, origin: my own plants (REF: 791)
Parkinsonia aculeata (REF: 1354)
Passiflora actinia, origin: my own plants, 201903 (REF: 1778)
Passiflora edulis, origin: my own plants, 2018 (REF: 1732)
Passiflora edulis, origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 1847)
Paulownia fortunei, origin: Kalimpong, West Bengal, India (REF: 1630)
Peltophorum pterocarpum (REF: 1021)
Petrea volubilis, origin: my own plant, 202006 (REF: 1712)
Petroselinum crispum, origin: my own plants (REF: 697)
Phyllanthus emblica (REF: 1022)
Plumbago zeylanica, origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 1209)
Prosopis cineraria (REF: 1903)
Psidium guajava, cv. Lucknow 49 / Sardar (Pink flesh) (REF: 1428)
Psidium guajava, 3x20 of each cv. Apple, Allahabad safeda and Lucknow 49 / Sardar (REF: 1429)
Psidium guajava, cv. Apple (Red skin) (REF: 1426)
Psidium guajava, cv. Allahabad safeda (White flesh) (REF: 1427)
Racosperma crassicarpum (REF: 700)
Rauvolfia serpentina (REF: 1356)
Rhododendron arboreum, origin: Kalimpong, West Bengal, India (REF: 1631)
Rubus moluccanus (REF: 1793)
Rudbeckia hirta, origin: my own plants (REF: 701)
Salvadora persica (REF: 1795)
Sarracenia sp., mix, 2017, origin: my own plants (REF: 703)
Senegalia catechu (REF: 705)
Senna hebecarpa, origin: my own plants (REF: 1023)
Senna occidentalis (REF: 706)
Sideritis scardica, origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 1759)
Sinningia leucotricha 'Itaquera', origin: my own plants, 2016 (REF: 1190)
Sinningia leucotricha 'Itaquera', origin: my own plants, 2018, evergreen form (REF: 1827)
Solanum aethiopicum, origin: Song Song, Manipur / Nagaland border, India (REF: 1899)
Solanum betaceum, yellow fruit (REF: 1635)
Solanum betaceum, red fruit (REF: 1636)
Solanum lycopersicum 'Dad's sunset', origin: my own plants (REF: 718)
Solanum lycopersicum 'Egg Yolk', origin: my own plants (REF: 709)
Solanum lycopersicum 'Hssiao His Hung Shih', origin: my own plants (REF: 708)
Solanum lycopersicum 'Indigo rose', origin: my own plants (REF: 712)
Solanum lycopersicum 'Nyagous', origin: my own plants (REF: 711)
Solanum lycopersicum 'Weissbehaarte', origin: my own plants (REF: 713)
Solanum lycopersicum 'Зелен кехлибар', This variety was created by me and first released autumn 2016, origin: my own plants (REF: 1332)
Solanum pyracanthum, origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 1562)
Spathodea campanulata (REF: 719)
Stapelia gettleffii, origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 721)
Stapelia grandiflora, origin: my own plants, 2018 (REF: 722)
Stapelia grandiflora, origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 1888)
Stapelia hirsuta, origin: my own plants, 2018 (REF: 723)
Stapelia hirsuta, origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 1851)
Stapelia kwebensis, origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 1471)
Stipa tenuissima, origin: my own plants (REF: 724)
Stipa tirsa, +90 mg. GA3, origin: my own plants (REF: 725)
Streptosolen jamesonii, origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 1865)
Tabebuia aurea (REF: 1842)
Tabebuia rosea (REF: 1444)
Tellima grandiflora, origin: my own plants (REF: 1333)
Terminalia arjuna (REF: 1799)
Terminalia myriocarpa (REF: 728)
Thalictrum aquilegiifolium, origin: my own plants, 2018 (REF: 1026)
Thunbergia grandiflora (REF: 1814)
Thysanolaena maxima (REF: 729)
Titanopsis calcarea, origin: my own plants (REF: 730)
Tithonia diversifolia (REF: 1157)
Tragopogon porrifolius 'Fiore Blu', origin: my own plants (REF: 731)
Tweedia caerulea, origin: my own plants, 2019 (REF: 1694)
Withania somnifera (REF: 734)
Ziziphus mauritiana (REF: 1357)